How I started

      I am a graduate of Associate in Graphics Design at International Academy of Design and Technology or IADT in 2011, I could say that I was born to design with my artistic ability and creativity. My passion in visual and creative arts was not given a chance due to a more important basic needs at home. Being a low-income family living way back then, my greatest love in painting and arts was not supported financially. According to some people, there's no money in fine arts or painting and the everyday basic needs cannot be supported by art alone. They said that it is not a practical course if you want to be financially stable. Taking up Commerce in Business Management was successfully achieved in the year 1995.  After taking up Business Management, I worked in a better company but I believe that education is a continuous process that shouldn't be taken for granted. While working in an electronic company as a Human Resource and General Affairs Clerk, I used the opportunity to take up MBA or Masteral in Business Administration in the year 1997 at my own expense, while I was working then, I worked in the morning and studied at night.  During those times, I started to manage my precious time. Every single moment of my life I worked and studied without any regrets of not hanging out with some friends and officemates. More often I missed some important family occasion.

My ambition in life made me stronger and patient. My family became my inspiration the reason why I strive so hard to work harder, the reason why I am here in USA and still looking for the opportunity that would come along my way. After a long period of setting aside my dream of being a designer or an artist, here I am going back to my dreams again with the guidance of the Lord. I took Associates in Graphic Design for three years because I have to take it half time, so I am now a certified Graphic Designer. I decided to put up my own business in graphics design in the year 2010 and there was a generous lady who gave me the privilege to start my own business., Ms. Gert Moldave, because I cannot apply and work in other company in the morning since I have two kids to take care of. I started to acquire my own equipment and software and then I used my knowledge to be equipped with this entity. It took a long time for me to start this business because of insufficiency in financial aspects but I believe that patience is a virtue. As years go by after I finish my Associate degree in Graphic Design, I was not able to apply in any companies as a Graphics designer because I have two kids to take care of and I needed to work at night as Sales Associate in Casino. I decided to continue my Graphic Design course to Bachelor's Degree in the year 2015 so that I will be updated in new Graphic Design technology while working as Sales Associate. I graduated in BA-- degree in Graphic Design on November of 2016. It was a great achievement for me to finish my bachelors' degree. Until now I still have a small freelance business of graphic design services called DezynExpress.. I pray that this would not be the end of my journey in life and wouldn't be the end of my endeavor.  I believe that while we are standing still, our dreams wouldn't last without any accomplishments or success. Dreams are just around the corner, it is for us to take it, leave it or forget it. Myrna Palustre

"Do not be afraid to try things that you want to do and do it with passion so you will know in what aspect you'll be successful. Anonymous

"Dreams are just around the corner, it's all up to you how you will seek it, find it, reach it and fulfill it".

Myrna Palustre

Your dream will not come to you in just one night, you have to seek for it, strive hard, pray for it  and find it to reach it, but when it gets into your hand, do not let it slip away just like bubbles.